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Mindset Reprogramming

Behavior Modification


Life Coaching

My name is Natalie Ferrer

As a coach, I identify self esteem levels, distress tolerance, utilize inner work, mindset reprogramming, routine building, and behavior modification to assist you in healing your trauma and reaching your desired life experience. Coaching is a co-creative process between myself and my clients. You come to me with an undesirable situation, mood, relationship or behavior, and I use my expertise in communication, relationships, conflict resolution, boundaries, coping mechanisms, codapendency, addictions, and self love to help build the life you dream of having!

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"You create your own reality."


What will you get out of coaching?

Since this would be my first question, let's talk about what I can and cannot do.

NOT going to receive

  • Coaching sessions that are only scheduled

  • Psychological diagnoses' of the problem or person

  • Solely focusing on the past and identifying the why behind your present circumstances

  • Medical prescriptions

ARE Going to receive

  • Customized Morning Routine

  • Scheduled 1:1 coaching sessions

  • Spontaneous Crisis Calls

  • Daily support and guidance

  • Understanding the past, present and focusing on the solution

  • Conscious Reprogramming 

  • Reading material

  • Workbook

  • Goals Set, Tracked, and Achieved

  • Radical, life long, changes

Areas of Expertise


On Awakening Routine


Changing Self Esteem 



Internal & External


Navigating Conflict


Codependency Defined


Emotional Intelligence


Integrity, Values & Boundaries


Limiting Beliefs &

Cognitive Distortions


Cognitive Behavioral Triangle

Morning Rituals


The Brain = The Gut


Breathwork, Meditation, & Visualization Coaching


Imago Relationship Theory


Romantic Relationship Stages


Push Ups in the Park

Romantic Polarity:

Masculine & Feminine Energy


Family Relationship Dynamics


Finding Your Higher Power


Command & Surrender


12 Steps


D.E.A.R. M.A.N. Techniques


The Inner Child


Neuroscience Behind Gratitude and the Brain


Exercise and The Brain

Love Yourself


Boundaries & Assertive Communication


Distress Tolerance & Coping Mechanisms


Trauma on the Brain


The Laws of the Universe

"I promise you, who you truly are is very well preserved."


I will transform the self image for children, young adults, couples, and families by improving communication, boundaries, self-love, confidence, and independence.

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I'm Interested

If you want emotional healing and a life full of love, purpose, and serendipity, then lets connect and find out if I'm the right person to help you unload all the clutter in your life. I offer private and group/family coaching sessions. I specialize in helping children and young adults go inward and discover who they are now and who they are capable of being. I offer a variety of coaching programs, including scheduled 1:1 sessions, spontaneous coaching calls, and program packages. Right now, it's possible your inner voice is doubting I could help you. Challenge your inner voice who's afraid and just trying to protect you, saying "that wont work for you," and let's just chat for 30 minutes, completely free.

Explore your Personatalie


My Clients Say

I know how important it is for someone with bipolar disorder to have a consistent routine in their life. I opened my journal and the first page was a list of things that make me happy because when I'm in a depressive episode I forget what it's like to be happy. I was diagnosed with major depression when I was 12 yrs old and I've struggled my whole life to "figure it out".
In finding my personatalie I feel like I've been let in on a secret. I feel like I'm FINALLY figuring it out. I'm FINALLY getting my shit together at 29 yrs old! I finally feel like there is consistency in my life. I'm doing better because I feel better. I feel better because I'm doing better. That all started with minor tweaks to my morning routine and having the accountability of having a life coach.
I noticed in my life with bipolar I'll go through a pattern. A week of mania, a week of depression, a week of being normal. It's been 14 days working with Natalie and I haven't felt depressed or manic, I feel like a functioning responsible adult. I finally feel like I can breathe and put first things first. Without having to fear what the next day holds, without fearing what mood I'll be in, I know now that I am in control of my actions and the type of day I'm going to have and therefore what kind of life I want to have. Because our lives are made up of days, the days are made up of moments. Each moment I can start fresh.
My name is Alex. I am an alcoholic, I am bipolar, I'm filing bankruptcy, I'm filing an appeal at a university, and I am at peace knowing that I have a plan to overcome all of the obstacles life throws at me. I've learned it's not my fault that I have disabilities, but it is my choice to ask for help. Natalie is like my personal assistant, she's my life coach, she sees me as a person, she hears not only my goals but my dreams and is coaching me on how to achieve and create the reality that I want to have. I cannot express enough gratitude. Thank you Natalie, for helping me find my personatalie and create the life I deserve.

Alexandria L, Engineering Technologist IV

"I feel like I've been let in on a secret. I feel like I'm FINALLY figuring it out. I'm FINALLY getting my shit together at 29 yrs old! I finally feel like there is consistency in my life. 
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