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The Full Story

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What I Experienced

I was born with severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and was in the private school system until I was 8 years old, expressing to my mom for the first time that I wanted to die. I was homeschooled shortly thereafter, and grew up innocent and naive. 


Fast forward to 12 years old, my first year back in the school system, and I was sexually assaulted by my first boyfriend. I was hospitalized for suicidal ideations and medicated for chronic depression from my trauma when I really should have been in therapy learning to reflect and identify my feelings, building a healthy sense of self, learning about core beliefs, and developing new ways of thinking.


My family and I are very close, but my father has this Jekyll and Hyde side to him that added to my trauma. My attachment style grew more and more dysfunctional, as I clung to any man that would show me unconditional love and affection. 

With an aching emptiness inside and porous boundaries, I found myself in a bad situation while in college where I was raped during a study session of cramming for a final exam.

My coping mechanisms became: very toxic, codependent style, "make me feel like a loveable and worthy person" relationship after another, occasionally drinking to get drunk and disappear, binge watching tv the moment I got home from work, staying up all night since I watched tv all day, eating Wendy's every day, go out on dates to have activities in my life. 


Lucky for me, my higher power guided me to an arts magnet high school, where I was exposed to unorthodox forms of art therapy and learned that healing could be a part of my story as well.

My father introduced me to The Secret at 16, and I fell in love with the law of magnetism.


If you are reading this and feel a sense of familiarity, I want you to understand that you are not alone. There are men and woman all over the world that feel empty, affected by their past, and hurt by sexual assault. 


All of what I experienced led me to where I am now: passionate about mental health, healing from within.

Fall Style

Who Am I

Passionate. Outgoing. Loving. A Leader. A Guide. A Safe space. Bubbly and warm. Educated. Knowledgable. Powerful.  

I studied at New World School of the Arts and specialized in Theatre. I studied Heart Consciousness at Light Beings under K.W. in 2015. Later I attended Florida International University and received my Bachelors Degree in Communication, December of 2017. I have 5 years of experience as a Senior Learning and Development Training Specialist in corporate settings. Currently studying to obtain my Life Coach, Personal Training, and Nutritionist Certification with ISSA.


If yesterday affects you today, you are living in the past. This typically leads to depression. And if you live in tomorrow, you live in the future, which typically brings about anxiety.

I believe that through a morning routine, breathwork, meditation, exercise, mindset transformation, communication coaching, an accountability coach, and most importantly, a higher power, your entire life will change.



Healthy relationships and self-love are the foundation of a fulling life. As your life coach and personal development expert, my life's mission is to empower you to find these things. My mission is to guide you through the obstacles holding you back and to help you develop a plan for success. Let's tackle your past and move toward living in the present. With my guidance, we'll identify your personal values, strengths, and abilities to create a customized plan for success. Together you will find peace, contentment, hope, and joy. Whether you're struggling with mental illness, addiction, or navigating other challenges in your life, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Welcome to Find Your PersoNatalie, where we are committed to helping you discover your true potential. Our sister company, Therapea, offers a unique live-in school that focuses on rehabilitating children and young adults through core curriculums and unorthodox forms of therapy. For adults, we offer a comprehensive mental and physical health rehabilitation program that will help you rediscover who you are and create a life worth living. Our goal is to help individuals achieve long-lasting personal growth and meaningful change, empowering everyone who comes through our doors to live their best life.

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